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Memoirs of a Mobster - Judy Serrano I absolutely love this series. I was eager to read this book. I knew it was going to be good when very early into the book I though to myself "omg no it can't be!" and a lot of "oh no he didn't!".

This book has so many twists and turns it could be its own soap opera. Actually, I'd love to see this series turned into a movie or tv show. It's seriously that good.

This book is more about Junior or Deigo (depending on who is talking about him). He is an adult now and obviously his untraditional upbringing has had its toll on him. I loved to read about the man he had become.

This author is the only one I know of that can write a story full of mobsters and violence and yet have undying love so evenly balanced through the whole story.

I always find myself staying up late to finish the book I'm currently reading in the series to see who ends up dead, and who wins the girl.

Good thing the Montiago boys are ficitional characters are there would be a lot more broken hearts in the world.