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Easter's Lilly - Judy Serrano I felt the beginning of the book was too rushed. It felt like the author had a story in her mind she just needed to get out quickly.

After awhile it slowed down. When I say slowed down, I mean to a pace where its action packed and a page turner but it wasn't so fast you were left confused.

Once it got to that part for me...I couldn't put the book down. It was definitely a page turner.

There are parts where I just wanted to slap Lilly silly to be honest. It was like really girl? What are you doing?

I think that's what makes a great book though. It's always a great book when you are that invested into the characters.

I read this book in a day just about. I started it around 9:30am on the 25th and ended it at almost 5am on the 26th.

I tried to sleep but I found myself thinking of the story too much. I gave it a 4 star instead of 5 only because of the beginning.