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77 Days in September - Ray Gorham I read this book for Charisma Media Network.

This book really makes you stop and think. I think this is highly possible of really happening. It makes me want to start a non parishable food pile and bottled water and to stock up on batteries. Wow.

I think the love that Jennifer and Kyle share is remarkable. Neither one of them gave up on each other. Kyle is 2,000 miles away from home. I won't say how he gets back home but wow. I honestly don't know if many would be able to do what he did to get home.

Jennifer never gave up on him. She never doubted he was alive. Her love for him and devotion carried her through her darkest days.

I think as a whole we should all prepare for something like this to happen. I think if nothing else, with all of the natural disasters happening its a good idea to do it. I think if we were prepared we may not freak out as much and resort to some of the things Kyle and Jennifer have seen.