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AND YOU MUST LOVE ME (Young Adult) - Katja Rusanen I was asked to review this book by the author.

The first half of the book in my opinion was slow. It talked about Renate's attractive to bad boy Ronny. It makes you wonder why Ronny who is in his early 20s was attracted to or played games with 16 yr old Renate in the first place.

There is a traumatic event that happens in Renate's life. It takes a few years for her to recover from it. In the end she opens her eyes and heart and heals.

I find myself wanting to know what happens later on with Renate, Ronny and Sabina.

Although slow in spots I did enjoy the book.

Makes you stop to think how you would react if you had to go through what Renate did. Would you react like she did? Would you act better or worse? I hope no one has to find out.