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Brother Number Three - Judy Serrano I read this book for Ever After PR Book Tours.

This book picks up exactly where Easter's Lilly leaves off.

Lilly Lilly Lilly...wow what can I say about her that won't give away spoilers. Hmmm I really don't know. *sigh* That girl so confuses sexually attraction for love.

What is it about Lilly that makes the men in her life turn into big puddles of Jello? She has the 3 brothers just about ready to literally kill each other over her. Don't forget about her oldest son's dad Johnny either.

There is no shortage of enemies for the Montiago brothers that's for sure!

It's hard to tell who is really the bad guys and who is undercover with the FBI most of the time. It's always such a fine line.

I highly recommend this book series to everyone. I read this one again in a day. You don't want to put it down. I get sucked into the story from page 1.

Now I must be off to read the 3rd and final installment. Forget the fact it's done due to be read til April! I read this one on Feb. 14 and it's not due to be read until March 20. The books are just that good!