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Relatively Close - Judy Serrano I read this book for Ever After PR.

When I started this book I thought it was the end of Lilly's story. Oh but I was wrong there will obviously be at least 1 more book. I'm glad. I loved these books.

This book as always picks up where the last one (Brother Number 3) lets off.

I think this series would make for a great movie series. There is something for both men and women. The men can have the violence and shooting. The women get love and romance.

Of course Lilly is back and forth between her 2 men. So what else is new on that aspect? Lilly has been through a lot in her life.

Everyone is connected to everyone it seems. The find out the name of an enemy and it turns out its a relative somehow to another enemy.

You also get dirty cops and FBI agents. You never really know who you can trust.

Love love love this series. The author really sucks you in and makes you feel the story come to life. This was another edge of your seat book. I read it in a day again.