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Read Me Dead - Emerald Barnes I reveiwed this book for the author. This is a great murder mystery book.

Alex is the only witness to her parents brutal murder. She knows how to identify the killer, and the killer knows who she is and how to find her. He warned her to stay quiet.

Alex has kept that secret to herself all these years. When she finally tells part of the secret to her twin brother and their 2 best friends, unfortunately a reporter over hears and prints a story about it. Suddenly the killer knows that she is talking about what he knows and is coming after her.

While Alex is dealing with that emotional roller coaster, she is also dealing with an emotional roller coaster of another kind. Alex is a teenage girl after all. She is caught in a love triangle with her 2 best friends. She loves them both but is torn over who to be with, if anyone.

I figured out in the middle who the killer was. However, there was a twist that I did not see. To me that is the definition of a good book. I love when there is a twist you didn't see coming.

I wonder if the author is going to write a second book as a follow up with them all. I'd love to read that if she does.