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Book of Mercy - Sherry Roberts I reveiwed this book for the author.

The storyline of this book really hit home with me. Of course I'm a lover of books. I also suffer from dsylexia. Mine however is not as severe as Antigone's.

I loved the courage Antigone had to stand up to Irene and the Study Group. It couldn't of been easy given her dsylexia and Irene's standing in the community. Antigone did what was right though.

I personally don't believe in book banning. If you don't like a book you have every right to not read it and not allow your child to read it. However you do not have the right to dictate what someone else and their child can/can not read.

I also loved the story of Ryder. I was surprised that Antigone took him home with her. She had no idea about his past, he could of been dangerous. I think at the end Sam warmed up to Ryder.

I think the character Irene needs to stop worrying about unimportant things and spend more time with her own children. Irene complained that the books were dangerous to a curious child, even called them smut. However, in the book Irene only mentioned her 7 year old once and her teenager is out of control. I think she needs to clean up her own doorstep before walking through the doorstep of others.

I got lost in the story, felt like I was there in Mercy with them all.