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The Aspen 2Million WinnerTakeAll - John Morris This book felt like it was never going to end. I know the story is fiction but it could of been a bit more believable.

I am surprised that the lawsuit went as far as it did. Early on in the book we find out who really killed the dog.

The lawsuit is so far fetched its hard to take it seriously.

I found it hard to accept the romance of Morgan and Risa. Seriously? Morgan wants to be with the woman suing him? I know that he was trying to get him to fall in love with him to drop the law suit. The minute he found that was not an option he should of walked away.

The character of Risa is a handful. She loves to blame everyone else for things that go wrong never stopping to ask what the truth is. She loves to play the victim.

I also think the author could of described what the characters looked like with more description of her own, instead of saying what celebrity they look like.

I found the end more enjoyable than the plot of the story.