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Fallen for You (The Killer Next Door, #1) - Carlie Sexton I received this book for a fair and honest review. I loved the blurb of this book instantly. It sounded so good. Trust me it is. This is book 1 of 3 books so far. I can't wait to read the second one!

From the very beginning of the book Kate had guilt over something in her past. To me it didn't seem as devastating as it was to her. In life we never know how an action or situation is for another. That is why we should never judge someone. This is what makes us all unique.

Kate's next door neighbor Roger is creepy to say the least. While I was reading about it him I would get chills and be freaked out.

I was happy to see the character of Kate move on from her past and embrace life again. She is finally doing things to make herself happy and not living in the past.