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Mind Over Matter (ASI, #1) - S.J. Clarke I read this book for Promotional Book Tours

This book proves that a mother's love is an undying love. Everyone wanted Rebecca to just accept the fact her daughter had died and move on. How does one really move on from the death of a child? Rebecca never gave up hope. She knew her daughter was alive somewhere and was determined to find her no matter what it took. That is a mother's love.

While Rebecca and Dan were following all the clues to finding Sabrina they were also fighting their attraction to each other. Love doesn't always wait for the most opportune time to show up. They had their rough patches but again love prevails.

I really enjoyed this book. It moved at just the right pace. The only thing I didn't like about this book was at the very beginning. The author nicknamed Sabrina as Bree. It took me a bit to realize Bree wasn't a whole other character. I don't think Bree when I think of a nickname for Sabrina. That could just be me though.