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Where Mercy Is Shown, Mercy Is Given - Duane Chapman I use to be a huge Dog fan. I read his first book in 2 days. This one took me longer to read.

I feel that since his show is so successful now that he's got a huge ego. I don't know how many times in this book he's said he's the best bounty hunter ever.

A lot of the book talked about the aftermath of his using the N word in a taped conversation with Tucker. While I believe Tucker was wrong to tape the private conversation and sell it....Dog has a lot of excuses for why he felt he had the right to use that word in the first place.

He likes to blame it on only having a 7th grade education. Most children by that age not to use that word. They know its a "bad word". That excuse doesn't fly with me.

I find it ironic how he preaches to the criminals he catches to own up to their wrong doings and not to blame others. Yet when it comes to something he has done that others deem wrong its never truly his fault.