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The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins I loved this book. The book causes so many different emotions: pity, sadness, anger, laughter, love.

The Hunger Games themselves kinda remind me of Survivor Extreme Edition. Think about it...the tributes (could be called tribe mates) are dropped in the middle of no where and they have to learn to survive live off the land. The extreme part comes in because they are trying to kill each other off. The games are then broadcasted on tv for others to watch.

I knew right away if Prim was selected that Katniss was going to try and take her place. She is the provider for the family and keeps them save.

I think Katness though really does have feelings for Peeta. She is a typical 16 yr old girl though and confused. She is also confused about her true feelings about her friend back home Gale.

I loved how at every chance Katniss had though she "stuck it to the man" so to speak. She is definitely a leader not a follower.

I can't wait until I have the time to read the next 2 books.