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Wonder - R.J. Palacio This book is amazing. It's about a boy August or Auggie. Auggie has a severe facial abnormality. His family has homeschooled him until this year. He starts 5th grade in a prep school for the first time.

It wasn't always smooth sailing in school for Auggie. He had a few friends but most people tried to ignore him on purpose. Then of course you had a bully that tried (and succeeded) in getting others to do what he said.

There was a turning point that made others start to see Auggie differently and people started to actually befriend him.

Story wise I loved how his older sister has always protected him. She had her own adjustments to work out since she was starting high school. I loved his family dynamics. Stay at home mom always carrying for him...loving involved dad...older sister. They even had a dog.

I loved how it was written as well. The chapters alternate from a prespective of the different people in Auggies life. Auggie of course starts it off. Then you get stories told by his sister, and 2 of his friends. Loved that dynamic of it all.

This was a beautifully written story of how you should not judge someone by their looks alone. People have feelings just like you even if they look different than you on the outside. Inside we are all the same...we laugh, we cry, we hurt, we love.