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Hate List - Jennifer Brown There are many books out there about school shootings. I think this one is unique and here is why.

Most books talk about the shooters in detail and how they planned it, their lives etc. This one talks about the victims and how the school struggled to rebuild afterwards.

A lot of blame was put towards the "hate list" that Valerie and her boyfriend Nick wrote up. Personally I don't think the list was that important. Everyone has a list even if mentally, of people they don't like.

I think Nick would of done what he did no matter what. I think this shows what happens when bullies push their victims too much. Valerie and Nick were outsiders, they were picked on by numerous kids all day long everyday. That's why the list was made in the first place.

Valerie was left to deal with the guilt and the fact that her boyfriend used their list against others. That was never the intension of the list.

Valerie's home life is in termoil. Her mom is trying to hold it all together by a thread. Her dad wow what a piece of work that one is. He can't see out of his own selfishness to help his daughter that is screaming for help.

Everyone is treating Valerie like she is guilty but really she did nothing wrong. Everyone seems to forget she was just as shocked over Nick's actions. She tried and did stop him. No one remembers, except for the girl she saved right before getting shot.

Very thought provoking book. Makes you wonder what you would do if it was your child.