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On Message - Joyce T. Strand I was asked to review this book by the author Joyce T. Strand. This is her first novel.

I enjoyed this book. I personally think in the beginning all the explanation of how biotechnology companies work was too much information. I found myself getting lost in the knowledge. I understand that some of it was needed to explain the store.

The murder mystery part of the story was amazing. It was very fast paced but yet not too fast. I loved how they ended up solving the crime.

I loved the side story of the main character of Jillian as well. I am anxious to see what happens between Jillian and her ex Chad.

I loved how this book ended. I knew when I started to read this book that it would be a series eventually. The author ended this book beautifully without a cliffhanger of the next book.

I highly recommend checking out this new author. I can see her having great success.