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The Awakening - Lisa M. Lilly I read this book for the author. I have to admit this is not my normal topic of reading. The story sounded interesting so I gave it a shot.

I am unsure what my own religious beliefs are. The idea of a second messiah coming sounded strange.

In this story Tara claims she doesn't know how she became pregnant and that she was still a virgin. Cyril comes out of no where. He not only believes Tara he gives her a reason for her pregnancy.
Cyril claims there are people out to hurt her and her baby and will protect them. I find it hard to believe that even if Tara's family and friends don't believe her that she would think its a good idea to go off with a stranger.

I think the ending was rushed, nothing was explained. Was her child the new messiah? Did she suddenly remember how the child was conceived and the father? The ending left more questions than answers.