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Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James This book series is very popular. Some love it, some hate it. I personally am not a big erotica fan. A friend loved the trilogy and said I needed to read it. I called it my book porn.

I had high hopes for this book. I figured with that much media attention it would be a good story. Unfortunately that was not the case. I found the story a bit far fetched.

I have a hard time believing the character Ana would even agree to this "relationship". Christian is a very disturbed individual. He has demons from his past.

I don't think he's unwilling to love someone, I think he is unable to. The character of Christian is kinda creepy. Not only is he into this BDSM he is a stalker.

I will finish reading the trilogy though to see how it ends. I can't say this is the best book series I've ever read. I hope the next book is better.