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The Light Tamer: The :Light Tamer Trilogy book 1 (Volume 1) - Devyn Dawson I read this book for Promotional Book Tours. I was very intreged by the summary of this book. There are a lot of paranormal books out there these days, this one is unique.

There were however parts of this book that I felt were a big rushed. The beginning was good. We learned about the Light Tamers. The middle was starting to get kind of boring. The end was way too rushed in my opnion.

I think the author could of took some time from the middle to explain more about the ending. I feel it got all wrapped up a bit too fast. There was also a part towards the end that has to do with Jessie and Caleb. I would of loved to learn more of how that happened and how it was resolved.

I will probably read the next book in the trilogy though to see how the story flows.