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The Sour Orange Derby - Kristina Circelli This book is just simply amazing. There are so many emotions. I found myself laughing and then crying, literally.

The story is of the Standridge family and how they started The Sour Orange Derby. It all started with a little boy that loved baseball and his beloved Papa. It grew to be so much more than that.

The author seamlessly goes back and forth from telling the story to present day, and the past. You actually feel like you are there listening to the story of the past.

We all need magic and joy in our life. Colly and Kariss both love magic and the stories their grandfather told them. K.B. not only shared made up fun stories with his two youngest grandchild, he also to taught them about their heritage and to be proud of it.

This story shows us how this family turned their sorrow of losing young Colly into honoring him and his young life.

The author says although this book is a work of fiction, it is based on stories from her own Papa. I know that her family must be very proud of her.