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The Medium - C.J. Archer I was asked to read this book by the author for a fair and honest review.

The genre of this book is listed as paranormal. It has everything a paranormal lover would want...a ghost, a medium who sees the ghosts, demons and even a bit of a love story.

This story took place in London. I'm not sure what time frame, I do know that it's not in our time. The women still wore corsets and needed to be escorted with a male.

I loved this story. I found myself feeling bad for Jacob. He is in limbo or the "waiting room" between life and death. I thought that name for it was perfect.

I found the story of where the demon came from and how they solved it to have just the right pace. It didn't go too fast or too slow. I was hooked on the story.

I did wish however they solved the mystery of who Emily's father is. Maybe since this book is actually book 1 in a trilogy future books will discuss this more. I can't wait until the next book comes out.