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A Diary's House - C. David Murphy This book is the story of Landon Hampshire it starts out as on old man feeding food to birds and thinking about how one bird is very much a southern gentleman and names him Landon. Landon Hamshire ends up in a local diner and thinks back to his youth. The book tells about when he was born and how his father told him a story as a young boy about a Cherokee Legend the legend is a variation on the creation story. When he is a young man about to come into adulthood he decides with some friends to look for buried treasure that was hidden 150 years ago. There is alot of adventure of mysterious things about this book a man helps the build the boat then disappears at the last moment. Definitely a great book for people who love Cherokee history and legends and kids going on adventures into manhood. The only thing I felt that was hard with this book is it felt like too much was being thought or said, too wordy but otherwise a great story.