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Love Times Three: Our True Story of a Polygamous Marriage - Joe Darger;Alina Darger;Vicki Darger;Valerie Darger;Brooke Adams I am fascinated with the polygamist lifestyle. That does not mean I want to live it however. I am only intersted in families like the Darger's, where the wives are all adults & consent to the marriage.

There are a lot of sterotypes about polygamy because of Warren Jeffs. This family is nothing like that religious sect.

Polygamy is illegal. I feel the only kind that should be is Warrent Jeffs sect. The Darger's are a family. They all live in one house and raise the children together. The children are surrounded by love & support.

I find it ironic that a man can have a lot of "baby mamas" and not help to raise those children but it's legal. There are men like Joe that loves all 3 of his wives and 24 children. He is there day in and day out but that is illegal. Insane!

I am fasinated with this lifestyle because personally I would never be able to share my husband like that. I really enjoyed this book and reading how they make it work.