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Fearless (King Series, #1) - Tawdra Kandle This is the first book in the King Series. I feel this book had a few different genres in one. It has romance, drama, fantasy, paranormal all rolled into one.

We meet Tasmyn who for the first time in her life not only has friends, she also has a boyfriend. Michael is just not any high school boy. He is the most sought after senior in the school. Of course that causes some envy and jealousy from the other girls in the school.

Tasmyn is not just the new girl in school. She also has the gift (or is it a curse) to be able to read minds. When Tasmyn "hears" something that is potentially dangerous to others she has no choice but to try and stop it from happening no matter what the cost.

This book is the kind that makes you think beyond the story unfolding as you read it. I found myself wondering what would I do if if I was Tasmyn and could hear the thoughts of others around me? Would I ignore what I hear? Would I try to interfere with things I shouldn't know? Would I love this gift or resent it? I can see both the good and bad with this power.

I can't wait to read the next book in the series Breathless.