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Assured Destruction - Michael F. Stewart This was a quick read and highly enjoyable.

Jan Rose is not your typical teenage girl, she is a computer genius. Jan helps her mom with the family business of destroying and recycling old computers. Jan has created her own online world from hard drive she was suppose to destroy.

The character of Jan really evolves as the book goes on. She starts out as a being bitter she has to help out her mom who is suffering from MS and the family business. In the end she realizes she needs to show her love for her mom more, and she can actually help others with her computer skills. There is even teenage love in the story.

I was shocked to see who was responsible for the cyber attacks against Jan. I also think it was very creative of her to figure it out and bring attention to who was behind it.

There is so much more I'd love to say about this book but it would give away from the story for others that haven't read it yet.