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A Guilty Mind - Kellie Larsen Murphy I received this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

For me this book was a slow read. Some parts went fast, and others went very slow. I personally had a hard time getting through it. The parts of George's past seemed to go slow. I feel there was too much back story of the "accidental" death and describing what happened. It didn't need to be that long to tell the story.

The murder of the doctor seemed to run quickly. Things seemed to fall into place rather fast on that aspect.

I knew from the summary of the book that George really was not the killer. If I did not read that part I would of known shortly after starting to read the book he was not the killer. It was too obvious to make it George.

I was shocked as to who the killer was though. I didn't see that coming and how everything got tied up at the end. That was a unique twist.