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Have No Shame - Melissa Foster I recieved this book for a fair and honest review.

I've been a fan of this author for awhile. She has a writing style that transports you into the story. You feel the emotions of the characters and can't put the book down. You want, no you need to find out what happens next. This is the 3rd book I've read by her.

I love books about the South and how things were in history. I can't imagine what it was like to live in a time when whites and blacks were treated differently. Everyone should be treated equally no matter the color of their skin.

I can't imagine how things were for Alison. Everything she knew in the world was changing. She finds a dead body of a deceased black man that was beat to death. It makes her thing differently and see the world in a different light. We see her go from a naive farm girl to a grown woman making her own choices of what she believes.

I highly enjoyed this book. I read it in 2 days. What I really loved about this book is the fact that the author let you choose between reading it with or without the southern dialect, that is unique. Sometimes the southern dialect is hard to read. I personally chose to read it without the southern dialect.