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Ripple A Tale of Hope and Redemption - E.L. Farris I received this book for a fair and honest review.

Due to the subject matter of this book at times it was hard to read as both a woman, and a mother. That being said though, I thought it was an amazing book.

The author really captured the emotions of all of the victims perfectly. You could feel their pain as they deal with all of the emotions surrounding the sexual abuse of Phoebe.

Helen learns the hard way what is important in life. All moms have guilt of some kind. Helen's guilt though is something that most of us thankfully never have to deal with.

I read the Young Adult version of the book. The author I feel edited in a way to get the story across but did not go into details of the assults on Phoebe. I was thankful for that, I would not be comfortable reading the details.